Why MLC Lawyers?

Multi-Award-Winning Law Firm – Outstanding Professional Services

We are here to work with you to solve your legal matters.

MLC Lawyers is a multi-lingual, multi-award-winning, experienced and professional law firm based in Cabramatta (approximately 45 minutes outside of Sydney), New South Wales, specialising in Migration Law, Family Law, Conveyancing, Personal Injury/Workers Compensation, Criminal, Wills and Estate matters.

Our clients are the centre of our customer service. We believe that our business is people’s business and our objective is to help them with their legal issues and make their experience as pleasant as possible, from the time they contact us to the time the assignment is done, and post assignment communication and relationship.

We understand that communication, efficiency, and value are important when engaging in legal matters. Here at MLC Lawyers, we have solicitors who besides English, also speak other languages, including Cambodian (Khmer), Chinese, and converse in other languages through interpreter services.

The team at MLC Lawyers comprises of a highly trained legal team which includes solicitors, barristers, conveyancers and migration agents who have been practising with a combined experience of over 50 years. We also have affiliations with other legal experts to service our clients’ needs.

Please contact us today by phone at (02) 9726 9888 or email contact@mlclawyers.net about your legal requirements.